Name: Jen
SNs: Minami Nekoki (one of my characters)
Winifred (a play on my last name)
Whyme15 (remnents from my middle school days)
Occupation: College student
Location: I don't like to think about it
E-mail: minaminekoki@yahoo.com
AIM: minaminekoki
Radio Show: 2pm-4pm every Saturday, listen on the web!
Computer: Snow iBook affectionately called
Kakyou and covered in girly stickers.

Elfwood Accounts:
Sci-Fi Artwork
Fantasy Artwork

FanFiction.net Page

Class Schedule:

8am-10am: Work Study
10am-11am: Organic Chem
1pm-2pm: Japanese 110
2pm-4pm: Japanese Lit

9am-11am: Colonizing Mars
11am-12pm: Organic Chem
1pm-4pm: Organic Chem Lab
9pm-10pm: Sequencial Art Club

8am-10am: Work Study
10am-11am: Organic Chem
1pm-2pm: Japanese 110
2pm-4pm: Japanese Lit
7pm-10pm: Dungeons and Dragons

7am-9am: Work Study
9am-11am: Colonizing Mars
12pm-1pm: Japanese 110
9pm-12am: Anime night

8am-10am: Work Study
10am-11am: Organic Chem
1pm-2pm: Japanese 110

2pm-4pm: Radio Show

5pm-6pm: Sci-Fi club

Webcomics I read:
Boy Meet Boy
For the Love of Yaoi
Glamour Lust
Legostar Galactica
Lazarus Jewelbox
Maison Otaku don't think this works anymore
My Life in Blue
Penny Arcade
Shounen Ai Go!
Sluggy Freelance
Real Life
Strange Candy
Your Wings Are Mine

Archives of previous rants:

is the pretty Gackt. No, that isn't a caucasian
woman as my dormmates seem to think. It's a
Japanese j-pop star, and very male thank you
very much. But isn't he pretty?

have stubbled across this abomination of html

Monday, March 31, 2003 - 06:02 p.m.



webcomicies good
Wednesday, November 13, 2002 - 03:32 p.m.

Using this blog mostly for the list of webcomics if I forget they're URLs. More pretty URLs added.

message to zubrin - be aware
Tuesday, October 8, 2002 - 04:07 p.m.

The author of "The Case for Mars", Robert Zubrin, might be speaking at Beloit sometime? *Snicker* My FYI is going to TEAR HIM APART!


classes... over.... good..
Thursday, October 3, 2002 - 01:11 p.m.

Bored. Tired. Have to pay for the stuff for eBay some time today, but I'm so lethargic... That's what 4 hours of sleep does to you. I need to figure out what I'm doing with Cat's Meow so that I can actually draw it, and not what I'm doing right now. And I drew a very, um... interesting... picture yesterday, but its not fantasy/scifi so its not going on Elfwood. I need to make a private gallery for myself online. When I get Cat's Meow up, I'll start a little section of it for that. God, I need to start that. Once its started, no problem. But... Oh, god! Just got great idea! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!

me likey fake...
Saturday, September 28, 2002 - 12:36 p.m.

FAKE gooood. I've hijacked Karen's computer while she's at lunch. It's better than being at home.

I need to scrounge up some new music for the radio show. I can't keep playing Gravitation, Kill Hannah and Guano Apes.

Dee and Ryo are soooooo cute.

web comics good...
Friday, September 27, 2002 - 12:43 p.m.

I need to get my webcomic up and running. I've been reading a few today, in my spare time, when I'm not trying to memorize this dialogue for Japanese class. Gods, I hope that that was the only homework that we had. I kind of lost the sylibus, but we've already completed all of the worksheets for this chapter and we haven't started another...

So, the Cat's Meow thing? I think that I should really do that. But I don't know where to start. I think I wanna do it centering around Minami, because I love him. But, when? Before Aki? Or after? Actually, that's probably a good idea. Then I have at least a basic set up for the comic, and the short story that I am writing would serve as a prologue.

Saturday, September 21, 2002 - 11:38 a.m.

My radio show is in an hour and a half, that will be FUN! Then after that is the Trigun marathon. The way things are going, I will never have time for that essay for Japanese lit due wednesday. I have to have a topic and have finished the research by Monday, after all. And Organic Chem test Monday, ouuuuuch. I might call in from work study, in that case.

In other news, on the manga front. Paradise Kiss is GOOD. Very very good. I NEED MORE! It's harder and harder to be enthusiastic about X, no matter how hot that picture of Nataku is on the cover of the latest volume. It's just soo boring now. And I'm fed up with the fanfic. Fake and BeBoy Gold are very very amusing. I'm soo glad Karen's dad brought them down.

broken internet cord - bad
Friday, September 20, 2002 - 07:37 p.m.

I haven't been on the internet lately much because the network cord for my computer seems to be broken, but Karen's dad is getting me a new one because he's so nice to all of her friends like that! Seems a bit hypocritical though, but its getting me a new cord so I'm grateful. The second airing of my radio station is airing tomorrow and I know that I should look up how to listen to it on the internet because I know that its possible, and someone called in last week asking how to do it. And I actually know what I'm doing this time so this will be so fun!

i swear hardware hates me
Friday, September 13, 2002 - 01:42 p.m.

Okay, I seem to have broken the Ethernet port on my computer. Go me. I wonder if that's even reparable.

and I rock
Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - 10:57 a.m.

Also, never mentioned. I got the radio show! 2-4 on Saturdays! Never mind that I'm going to miss Japan Club, I have a radio show!

Sleep 1 Me Zero
Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - 10:55 a.m.

After 3 hours of work study this morning starting at 6:45 (and my roommates being bitchy about me getting up that early), I officially fell asleep during Organic Chem. I tried to stay awake, really I did.

Slashy prettyboy vampires good
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - 12:45 p.m.

Killing time between now and my chem lab. Checked e-mail. Going to read webcomics. Life ok. Getting better. Really tired. Think I might read Arcana fanfiction.

Thursday, September 5, 2002 - 10:55 a.m.

Yeah, stomach in knots lately. Cried because someone at my work study this morning yelled at me because I was tying my shoes. Kicked a tree yesterday. Obsessively thinking about whole damn thing.... Not to mention freaking out. Yeah, I need relax.

and no, it won't all be gravi OSTs.....
Tuesday, September 3, 2002 - 12:16 p.m.

I'm starting a radio show. Applications for airtime at Beloit are due Friday, and I hope my eccentric mix of groups that noone's ever heard of will get me a spot. (Preferably in the middle of the night on Saturday, so no one cares how imposibly weird this could get.....). Go Kill Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having Pizza for Dinner!
Saturday, August 31, 2002 - 05:53 p.m.

Yet another day of not eating at all at the commons...

Final cost of all my text books= 448.92

Ouchie. Dad's paying though.

Sleep is good
Friday, August 30, 2002 - 10:44 a.m.

I got some sleep last night! I had breakfast this morning! I actually feel alive! YEAH!!!!

In other news, I have a LOT of Japanese vocab to memorize.

Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 12:59 p.m.

Ah, got the Japanese text working. Anyway, I'm pissed at myself. I got my schedule mixed up and completely missed Japanese class! BAKABAKABAKABAKA! Yeah, I'm an idiot.

Red Razeberry Licorice...
Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 11:16 a.m.

At least, if I didn't win the TB collection on eBay, I have the satisfaction of driving the price up $16 for the guy who did.

I hate people who make their maximum bid like $30 over what the auction is currently at, thus instantaneously placing the bid over my price-range.

Limestone has saved all our lives
Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 09:53 a.m.

Looking at the distribution of gasses in the solar system, Earth should have a lot more carbon dioxide than it actually does. Geologists have explained this with saying that because of all the liquid water on earth, the CO2 reacted with the calcium at the bottom of the sea and formed limestone.

And without limestone, a greenhouse effect unlike anything that the environmentalist fanatics are already complaining about would occur.

Takusan tabemono ga arimasu!
Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 08:47 p.m.

Ano......... Just went grocery shopping with my roommate Meggy and housemate Emily, and Meggy got $130 worth of stuff. Seriously. Hey, I only got $38... Of course, most of that food was junk food, like licorish, sparking grape juice, and chocolate mouse mix. But I did get the college neccesities, ramen and soda.

Feelin' Lonely........
Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 05:00 p.m.

Dude!!!!!!!!!! Why don't people e-mail me??? I want some human contact outside of this campus!!

In other news, screw you who ever outbid me on eBay, I am GETTING that collection of Tokyo Babylon manga. After all this fucking time, you'd think I'd own the whole thing but no!!!!!!!!

And if I have have to get up at 6 am in the morning for work study, I should very well have enough money to pay for it.

Bitching and whining
Tuesday, August 27, 2002 - 06:57 p.m.

Cold. And tired. Damnit, why is it freezing cold in here even though its the end of August?

Sorry, I just feel like being bitchy right now. I was talking to Natalie on the phone for a while and complaining. I had a dream about her last night, in which her family went to Japan and didn't take me, and I was pissed off. (For some reason in the context of the dream, I felt like they were supposed to take me but purposely excluding me.) Sounds like classic depression/paranoia for me, hating being excluded and really wanting to go to Japan. (Which I guess is representative of all my aspiritions because so much of my life revolves around Japan.)

Speaking of which, I have dropped Psychology to take Japanese Lit. It's because this is the first time that they're having Jap Lit, and might be their last, its a trial thing to see how much interest there is in the course. And of course, there will always be Psychology in the future.

I'm soo fucking depressed. I feel like I should be on summer vacation not STARTING school. If I do CLS next summer like planned I will NEVER EVER LEAVE THIS CAMPUS! Until my Junior year abroad, of course. I'm GOING TO Japan that year, I have it in writing that my dad will pay for it, after all.

Now I will scream. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

It's been a while....
Tuesday, August 27, 2002 - 02:25 p.m.

Time for a fresh start. And some ranting.

I'm at college now, for real and not just the CLS summer program. I have two roommates, who are both very nice people that I have little in common with, and are convincing me that I will apply for a single next year. I like them both a lot, Amanda and Meggy, its just that its a little suffocating. People going in and out all the time, little actual space in the room that 'feels' like mine, etc....

Organic Chem seems to be working out rather well. I mean, I was a little lost for part of the class, had to constantly ask the instructor for help, spilled my unknown all over myself and my lab book, messed up with the sink next to me often, spurting water everywhere, and finally broke one of my beakers.


But other than that I think things are fine. I hope.